Monday 26 Jul 2021

Dear dancers,

The WorldCDF always tries to listen to dancers requests, that is why we have just changed the minimum heel height of competition boots to 1,50 inch / 3,81 cm.

The updated Rules Book has just been published on the website, so please check for more details.

The WorldCDF Rules Board


Dear Dancers,

The WorldCDF Rules Board is proud to present to you the new WorldCDF Rules Book 2020.

The rules board has clarified some rules to help our members to better understand them. Please read the addendum and the General Rules, as well as your division rules. When reading any rule, the content only pertains to the division you are reading. The General Rules always supersedes the division rule.

We receive many questions through the dispensation form which have nothing to do with the World Championships. The dispensation form should only be used in regards to the World Championships. Dispensations requests are only granted for one event to qualify for Worlds. A MEDICAL letter must be attached to your dispensation form. All other requests, questions and exceptions must be sent by email to the Rules Board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This year we received many enquiries regarding the qualification for Worlds. You must compete three (3) times in each division (skill/age) to qualify for Worlds, excluding new members, social, teams and wheelchair divisions. It is every dancer’s responsibility to make themself aware of the rules for every division in which they compete .If in doubt, contact the rules board.

Throughout the year the WorldCDF Rules can change. Please check the website regularly for the latest updates:

The rules board is always open to ideas and suggestions. We appreciate all of the feedback that we receive. Please keep them coming.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation.

Barry Arbeider
Head of the WorldCDF Rules Board
On behalf of The WorldCDF Rules Board


Full Results and Scoring Reports for Worlds are now online. Check the Results and Ranking page for more details.


Dear dancers,

The Competitor List for Worlds is now online.

Every year, each and every registration is verified by the Registration Team and Rules Board to make sure each competitor has met the qualification criteria for Worlds.

Some dancers have not met the minimum criteria and have been informed before updating the Competitor List which is now published.

All competitors on the list are fully qualified to compete at this year's WCDF World Championships in Kalkar from December 26 to 31, 2019.


Wishing you all a successful Worlds,

The Registration Team


The competitor list for Worlds is available. Visit the Worlds website: for more information.

The schedule will also be available shortly.

Only 10 days left before Worlds !!!

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