Tuesday 11 May 2021

Swedish Open 2013 New Website is Now On Line and the registration is open.
This World Championship qualifying event takes place August 30-September 2 in Stockholm, Täby.

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Dear dancers,

Updates are available for some dances. Please check the Dances & Music pages.

Latest updates to stepsheets …

Line Classic Intermediate, Dance E “Turn Up The Music”
Stepsheet updated 13.05.2013 – Sheet has been given a “facelift” to be made clearer and match the video better.

The WorldCDF Dance Board



Dear dancers,

At the WorldCDF we aim to always apply new rules in the best interest of our dancers. Alongside the general dance rules, the scoring rules are also assessed and modifications are suggested to and voted by the General Council.

During the latest Spring meeting in March, changes to the scoring rules 12 and 13 have been accepted. These changes will be applicable immediately (starting at the Benelux Open this week-end).

Until now, in case of a tie for an overall placement between competitors, rule 12 said that the competitor who won the first two common dances (Lilt and Smooth in the Line divisions) wins overall. In case of a tie at rule 12 (if competitor A wins the Lilt and competitor B wins the Smooth for example), rule 13 said that the competitor who won the first common dance (Lilt in the Line divisions) wins overall. This means that the Lilt was the “tie breaker” in case of equal results.

The WorldCDF felt that this was not fair on dancers and has now modified rules 12 and 13.

Applicable immediately, in case of a tie between competitors after applying all previous rules, rule 12 will be determined by the aggregate value of all individual judges placements. This means that rule 12 counts all individual judges marks and determines the total score. The lowest value wins.

Example: a competitor who receives the following judges marks in the first dance: 1, 1, 1, 2, 4 will be awarded with 1+1+1+2+4 = 9 points. If he receives for the second dance: 1, 2, 2, 3, 5, he will be awarded with 1+2+2+3+5 = 13 points, and so on... The total value of all dances determines the score for rule 12.

If competitors are still tied after this rule, rule 13 will be determined by the total number of 1st individual placements awarded by judges. The highest value wins.

If for example two competitors are tied with the same number of points at rule 12, we then count the number of 1st placements each competitor has received by judges. The competitor who has the highest number of 1st places wins overall.

In case of a tie after all scoring rules, an overall tie will now be awarded.

The WorldCDF feels that this is fairer to the dancers compared to awarding a higher overall placement based on a single dance. We hope that you feel the same.

If you have any questions about these new rules, please contact the Scoring team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will gladly answer your questions.

For the WorldCDF,
Sandy Gorez



Dear dancers,

Updates are available for some dances. Please check the Dances & Music pages.

Latest updates to stepsheets …

Line Classic Novice, Dance B “Six A.M.”
Stepsheet updated 10.04.2013 - Small change in explanation for counts 28&

Line Classic Star, Dance B “Hands Down”
Stepsheet updated 10.04.2013 - Slight change in direction for counts 24&25

Line Classic Intermediate Dance D – “Dedication To My Ex”
Stepsheet updated 12.04.2013 - Slight change in explanation of counts 47, 48&



Dear Dancers,

The WorldCDF General Council has decided this week-end that boots are no longer required in the Funky dance.

This rule change is applicable immediately and has been added in the updated 2013 Rules Book that can be found on the Rules page of the Competition menu.


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