Tuesday 11 May 2021

Dear dancers,

The 2014 Rules Book has recently been updated with some clarifications or small changes. An overview of these updates can be found in the first pages of the book under the section "Additional Amendments".

It is very important that you be aware of these changes because they might affect your division, so please check regularly for updates.

If you have any questions or do not undesrtand a rule, please send an email to the Rules Board: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The WorldCDF Rules Board



The WorldCDF will celebrate its 10th anniversary in a Golden way

The WorldCDF is the largest country dance organization in the world and to celebrate our upcoming 10th anniversary, we would like everyone to join us in 2015.

Because of the many requests from dancers in other organizations worldwide, the General Council has decided that every dancer wishing to compete at the WorldCDF will have a chance to earn a “Golden Ticket” allowing them the opportunity to dance in their equivalent division as from January 1st 2015.


The “cross-over” division will be determined by the division in which they were competing on September 20th, 2014 (date of the General Council’s decision).

Any dancer wishing to “cross-over” will need to dance a full (overall) program in three (3) WorldCDF International events during 2015 to confirm their “cross-over” status (*) and of course, to qualify for the 10th WCDF World Championships next year. 


But we have not forgotten our current WorldCDF dancers, so for our 10th anniversary our current (**) Intermediate and Advanced dancers will get a “head start” at the beginning of the 2015 season.

Every current WorldCDF Intermediate and Advanced dancer will be awarded an extra 1,5 graduation points (***) as of January 1st 2015.

bonus points



If you want to join the WorldCDF or if you have any questions, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details & terms.


The WorldCDF team wishes you an amazing “2015 Golden Year” and a special 10th WCDF World Championships!


December 11th - extra news about Worlds qualification ... Read more... 


(*) this rule applies to all continents which hold 3 or more WorldCDF International events. The “cross-over” can take place at any moment during the year, just as long as you compete in 3 qualifying events in 2015.
Competitors from other continents will need to dance one (1) full program (overall) at any WorldCDF qualifying event in 2015.

(**) WorldCDF member on September 20th 2014 – Date of the General Council’s decision.

(***) these 1,5 extra points, can be used in Classic or in Showcase divisions. But you will still need  a full point coming from a win with three (3) or more competitors or a win at Worlds to graduate to a higher division during the eligibility period.



It is with great sorrow that we must announce that Wim Dorssers has passed away on Saturday, September 20th, 2014.

Wim was a volunteer in many DCWDA events and also during the World Championships in Kalkar. He took care of security and was also part of the floor maintenance team who made sure everything was perfect every time.

We wish Ria and all the family the strength to overcome this great loss.

If you wish to send your condolences, you can send a card to:

Familie Dorssers
Mauritsstraat 1
5932 SN Tegelen.
We do not have the funeral details for the moment but will update the information as soon as possible.
The DCWDA & WorldCDF Team.


Vandaag zondag 21 september bereikte ons het droevige bericht dat op zaterdagavond 20 september 2014 Wim Dorssers is overleden.
Wim is jaren lang vrijwilliger geweest bij de wedstrijden van de DCWDA en tijdens de WCDF wereldkampioenschappen die in Kalkar gehouden werden.
Hij maakte deel uit van de beveiliging en hij zorgde met de vloerploeg voor dat de dansvloer er goed bij lag.
Wij wensen Ria en de verdere familie heel veel sterkte toe met dit grote verlies.
Wanneer je een kaartje wilt sturen dan kan dat naar onderstaand adres
Familie Dorssers
Mauritsstraat 1
5932 SN Tegelen.
Gegevens over de uitvaartdienst zijn nog niet bekend. Zodra daar meer informatie over beschikbaar is zullen we dat ook hier bekend maken.
Het bestuur van de DCWDA & WorldCDF

The Danish Linedance Classic will change dates as of next year. It will now be held in the summer holiday season.

The dates for 2015 will be August 14th until 16th.

A large number of events for 2015 can already be found in the WorldCDF Calendar of our website. So you can already start planning next years dance season.


Website and online registration for the 9th World Championships are open. Login to My Info and register for Worlds in Kalkar, Germany. Online regsitration is open until December 1st.

Don't forget ... to qualify you need to compete in 3 international events.

See you at Worlds.

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