Saturday 18 Sep 2021

The first "LIVE" WorldCDF International Event in over 18 months just took place last weekend in Switzerland and was a great success as over 100 competitors gathered on the dance floor to battle against each other after so many months of Digital Events.

We hope that 2022 will mean that all events can go back to business as usual and that dancers can enjoy the thrill of competing in front of ballrooms packed with spectators.

The results of the event are available on the Results and Ranking page of the website.


The organizers of the Tirol Cup prepared an action packed week-end for the first "live" national event since almost 2 years.

We had 3 days of competition, parties and shows that helped re-live the feeling we had before the pandemia.

The next "live" event is the Swiss Open from 3 to 5 September 2021. Don't miss out !!!


The results of the competition are available below.

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This weekend the Tirol Cup 2021 is streaming their competition live on our Twitch account.

Watch the competition here live

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Wiek 1

Lodewijk Hendrik (Wiek) van Horck
(12-03-1948   -   20-07-2021)

On behalf of the Founding Members & the Management Team of the WorldCDF and with great personal sorrow, I would like to inform you that our Founding Member and good friend, Wiek van Horck, has passed away on 20 July 2021.

Wiek was one of the Founding Members, a member of the Management Team and was instrumental in the legalization of our Organization. Until January he served as Treasurer of the Worldcdf.

Because of his relentless dedication to the wellbeing of every dancer, he never denied his feelings and always chose the side of the dancers whenever he felt that it was the right thing to do. 

From the mid-eighties, Wiek was one of the driving forces behind our dance form. From the beginning, his relentless dedication and common sense mentality has contributed to where our Organization has grown to.

Wiek never wanted to stand in the spotlight. He preferred to operate behind the scenes but never lost control of what was going on. In spite of his declining health in the last couple of months, he kept managing the financial affairs of the European Championships up to a couple of days ago when, with tears in eyes, he had to admit that he had to surrender.

Over the past 30 years, Wiek has managed the financial interests of the European Championships, Dutch Championships, Dutch Country Western Dance Association and the WorldCDF.

We wish his wife and daughter lots of strength for the future.

During the upcoming Worlds we will remember Wiek for his enduring commitment and dedication on behalf of our dance form and Organization.

Herman Falkenberg
President of the World Country Dance Federation.

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Dear dancers,

The Universal Online Ranking has just been updated on the Results & Ranking page.

The third event of the season was the European Online Event were even more points were won by some dancers for the ranking, but many dancers still have a chance to be in the Top 5 of the ranking and receive a free pass to physical Worlds, so hurry and register for all the Online events this season if you want to have even more chances!

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