Saturday 04 Dec 2021

WorldCDF news update

Dear Dancers,

As you may be aware by now, a new organization has just been started by some dancers and event directors who have left the WorldCDF for various personal reasons.

We understand this situation is hard on you dancers, since you might feel like you have to “choose” within which organization you will compete in the future.


The WorldCDF realizes that you only wish to dance and compete, attend an event where you can gather with your friends and have fun.

Our Federation is open to any dancer, from any country and regardless of the organization they support.

You are ALL welcome to Worlds and to any WorldCDF event you wish to attend.


We will shortly add new events to our calendar so that YOU have the choice to compete wherever you want next year.

We are also offering free passes to our young dancers for Worlds, since we are aware that the participation in our main event is expensive and, also due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some families might experience financial insecurity.


Furthermore, we are closely monitoring the spread of Covid and strongly hope to be able to hold Worlds. To this aim, please follow us up with the updates on our website and social platforms.

Together with the WorldCDF Event Directors, we are all keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the best.


Remember, you have the choice and the right to dance wherever you want, we do respect your right.


Stay healthy and safe.

The WorldCDF Board of Directors

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