Ildaca Christmas Online Event

Hello Linedancers,

We hope and wish you well! As you well know, this pandemic has broken all the competition plans for 2020 ... For this reason, in Spain we have decided to organize a national online competition. 

As you might know, the Spaniards of the FEBD (Spanish Federation of Sports Dance) follow the same dance circuit as the WCDF, and for this reason our competition will be Open

The competition will be online on November 28 and there will be two dances per division, we only have from Newcomer to Advanced

The competition is not scoring for the WCDF Ranking, but we would like very much to see you dance in our Spanish competition. 

If you are interested in participating, get in touch with any of the Spanish competitors and we will inform you how to do it.

All the current WCDF dances are in use.

Newcomer : Night Club & Novelty

Novice : Lilt & Novelty

Intermediate : Cuban & Novelty 

Advanced : Smooth & Funky


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