Saturday 04 Dec 2021

Rules Board (RB)

Group Email:


  • Maintenance and development of both International and National competition rules for the WorldCDF
  • Maintenance and development of competition dispensation process
  • Maintain continuous contact with other WorldCDF boards to ensure well balanced proposals are delivered to the GC for rules updates
  • Maintain contact with WorldCDF dancers and/or representatives


  • Explaining and enforcing WorldCDF competition rules on dancers, judges, event directors, contest coordinators, WorldCDF boards and any other WorldCDF competition related persons
  • Timely publishing of the updated WorldCDF Rules Book in printed matter and Internet based format
  • Timely delivery of internet based format of the WorldCDF Rules Book to the webmaster
  • Timely delivery of granted dispensations to the webmaster and publishing on the internet
  • Providing letters of updates, applicable to the upcoming competition years, which can be issued through the Internet and newsletters
  • Where required translation of Rules Book parts to ensure proper understanding on country level, in cooperation with Country Reps and Event Directors concerned
  • Check on wording existing rules and proposed changes
  • Timely response on written enquiries from WorldCDF members
  • Report back to MT any structural discrepancies or behavioral challenges in competition rules implementation
  • Report to the MT on a monthly basis any topics under discussion within the RB


  • Deliver well balanced proposals for rules changes to the MT for voting during GC meetings
  • Approve or disapprove dispensation requests, by using a standard process of registration, handling and majority vote decision making. Clear evidence and proper motivation from both requestor and RB are mandatory. Feedback is given to the requestor, MT and Secretary
  • Address any misbehavior or misinterpretation in relation to the Competition Rules to the involved persons


  • Minimum once every month
  • Face-to-face meetings and/or Skype


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