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To ensure the highest quality level of scoring and reliability of competition results the WorldCDF organization requires that any International Championship hosted by the WorldCDF and World Championships may only be scored by WorldCDF certified scoring personnel.

See overview of active Scoring personnel

Scoring Format
The WorldCDF scoring format has originally been based on the international Skating system. Some adjustments have been made to this system to accomodate usage for all different dance types within the WorldCDF program. For each division individual Judge reports are created which can be found in the Competition Results section of the WorldCDF website. These include the rules of scoring on both individual dance and overall placements. These reports are retained on our website during the calendar year. Overviews of final results and overall rankings are retained for longer term in the Archive section of the WorldCDF website. 

If you are interested in understanding the Scoring Rules, you can find a pdf guide here:

Scoring Rules

All names of participants in the training program and certified scoring personnel will be published on the WorldCDF website including their training and/or certification level. In this manner, all WorldCDF members will be able to validate and recognize the scoring personnel. Per event it is registered which scoring personnel was active at the event and by the end of each year retention of certification will be reviewed. In case of gross negligence, wilful misconduct or proven inabilities, the WorldCDF Management Team has the right to recall any certification with immediate effect.



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