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Information Collection and Use

Unless the user provides it voluntarily, the World Country Dance Federation (WCDF) does not collect any personally identifiable information about visitors to its website.



Some pages permit visitors to request additional information. Visitors are able to e-mail messages to the WCDF and/or its officials that will contain the user's name and e-mail address, as well as any additional information the user may wish to include in the message. The WCDF uses the information visitors provide about themselves to fulfil those visitors' requests. In this case, the e-mail addresses are used to answer messages received only.

In order to be able to access certain parts of this website, a visitor is required to register and log in first (Login to Myinfo). The mandatory fields for registration include:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Full address
  • Email

The check box confirms acceptance of this Privacy Policy. 



Under the terms of the Privacy Policy, all registrants sign up automatically for a newsletter that may be sent to them by e-mail.

While the WCDF does not share any information it stores about the registrants with third parties, it may make use of Name, Surname and E-Mail for the distribution of a monthly newsletter. The latter would be distributed through YMLP, a reputable service for bulk mailing. Should a registrant to the website prefer not to receive the newsletter, the instant removal function in the footer of each issue of the newsletter allows for the automatic subscription to be cancelled at any time. 


Log Files

We use IP addresses and we track navigation path to analyze trends and administer the site. These IP addresses and URLs are not linked to personally identifiable information.



Given the nature of the Internet and the fact that no security system is perfect, the WCDF cannot guarantee that the information you provide will never be obtained by an unauthorized person. The WCDF does, however, utilize industry-standard practices to protect your personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, alteration and destruction. Such measures include using security layers to protect certain sensitive transmissions of information.


Privacy Policy Changes

The World Country Dance Federation reserves the right to change its privacy policy from time to time.




All brand names or product names listed here are the property of their respective owners. While WorldCDF is extremely meticulous in the collection, realisation and publication of the information on this website, nevertheless no rights may be derived from the website content. In addition, WorldCDF accepts no liability for any consequences of this, including any perceived direct or indirect damage.

Links to third-party sites

This website contains links to third-party websites. Such links are supplied for your convenience. WorldCDF has no authority over websites belonging to third parties, and therefore also carries no responsibility for such links and the content of the links in question. The fact that WorldCDF links to third-party websites does not in any way mean that WorldCDF is in support of the content of the websites in question, nor does it mean that WorldCDF has any collaborative associations whatsoever with the managers of those websites. 


As a WorldCDF member, you agree that the organization has the right to take photographs, videotape, or digital recordings of yourself during events to use these in any and all media, now or hereafter known. You further consent that your name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary.
You hereby release to the organization all rights to exhibit this work in print and electronic form publicly or privately and to market copies. You waive any rights, claims, or interest you may have to control the use of your identity or likeness in whatever media used.
You understand that there will be no financial compensation, either for initial or subsequent transmission or playback.
You also hereby acknowledge that any photographs, videotape, or digital recordings made by yourself, or any third party cannot be used, if it is not for private use, without express permission by the organization for publication and/or commercial use.



Copyright and databank rights

The content of this website is protected by copyright, databank rights and international agreements. The copyright and, when applicable, databank rights of articles published on this website and information rests with WorldCDF and/or the authors. Without written consent from WorldCDF and/or the author, works or data files published on the site may not be used either in full or in part, outside of legally regulated quotation conventions. Without express consent in writing, the reproduction or distribution of articles and information published on this website can result in civil or criminal procedures, during which all options provided by the law shall be exploited.

Links to WorldCDF information

The inclusion of links on other websites to information on the WorldCDF website is permitted. This includes “deep-linking”, in which the links refer to specific articles or pages. That the link refers to the WorldCDF website must also be clearly stated. It is not permitted in any way for the pages from the WorldCDF website to be included in other websites by means of frames or any other technique which may contaminate the look and feel of the WorldCDF website.

More information

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