Saturday 04 Dec 2021

Management team

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  • Provide daily management to the WorldCDF
  • A team of 5 members active to ensure management
  • Ensure active participation of all boards, event directors and founding members in the WorldCDF
  • Ensure a secure and sustainable financial, operational and commercial development of the WorldCDF
  • Respond to any management or organizational related inquiry or emerging situation
  • Maintain and develop contact with WorldCDF members and potential members, potential event directors or any other WorldCDF potential supporting persons or organizations   



  • Explaining and enforcing WorldCDF rules and regulations to founding members, event directors, WorldCDF boards and any other WorldCDF management related persons
  • Review and provide feedback on periodic reports from all boards
  • Set-up, host and provide feedback on GC meetings
  • Develop policies on geographic expansion of the WorldCDF
  • Timely response on written enquiries from WorldCDF members
  • Report to the GC all decisions made on issues which could not wait till the next GC meeting
  • Prepare yearly financial report in cooperation with the Treasurer, including a budget for the coming year and present this to the GC   



  • Decide upon issues which cannot wait till the next GC meeting
  • Approve or disapprove financial transactions in cooperation with the treasurer
  • Address any misbehavior or misinterpretation in relation to WorldCDF rules & regulations to the involved persons and take corrective actions if needed   



  • Minimum once every month
  • Face-to-face meetings and/or Skype   



  • Majority  vote


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