Saturday 04 Dec 2021

Judges Education & Certification Board (JECB)

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  • Maintenance and development of WorldCDF Judge Education program
  • Ensuring enough WorldCDF Judges are available from diverse background, geographical origin and expertise to sustain the current and future WorldCDF International Events
  • Maintenance and development of Judge Training application process
  • Maintain contact with all WorldCDF judges


  • Timely and proper processing of Judge Training applications
  • Implementation of Judge Education & Certification program, including sufficient numbers of training / education classes and judge certification examinations in different geographical locations
  • Providing sufficient follow-up training / education classes to keep judging skills up-to-date in regards to initial training content and additional and/or revised judging content
  • Motivating and supporting event directors and any other related persons to the WorldCDF Judge Education program to host training and examination classes carried out by the JECB
  • Explaining and enforcing judge rules & requirements on current judges, contest coordinators and any other related WorldCDF competition persons
  • Timely response on written enquiries from WorldCDF members
  • Report back to MT any structural discrepancies or behavioral challenges in judge rules & regulations implementation
  • Report to the MT on a monthly basis any topics under discussion within the JECB


  • Deliver well balanced proposals for changes in the Judge Education & Certification program to the MT for voting during GC meetings
  • Approve or disapprove Judge Training applications, where clear evidence and proper motivation is required from both requestor and JECB
  • Examination of judges in training to become official certified WorldCDF International Judges. Examination can be performed by any combination of at least 2 members of the JECB
  • Address any misbehavior or misinterpretation in relation to the Judge Education & Certification program to the involved persons
  • The head of JECB in combination with World Championships Contest Coordinator and a member of the Management Team to pick the judging panels for World Championships


  • Minimum once every month
  • Face-to-face meetings and/or Skype


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