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Scoring & Scrutineering


To ensure the highest quality level of scoring and reliability of competition results the WorldCDF organization requires that any International Championship hosted by the WorldCDF and World Championships may only be scored by WorldCDF certified scoring personnel.

The WorldCDF General Council has updated the criteria which will be applicable as of January 1st, 2015.

Scoring Format

The WorldCDF scoring format has originally been based on the international Skating system. Some adjustments have been made to this system to accomodate usage for all different dance types within the WorldCDF program. For each division individual Judge reports are created which can be found in the Competition Results section of the WorldCDF website. These include the rules of scoring on both individual dance and overall placements. These reports are retained on our website during the calendar year. Overviews of final results and overall rankings are retained for longer term in the Archive section of the WorldCDF website.

If you are interested in understanding the Scoring Rules, you can find a pdf guide here:

Scoring Rules

Training and Certification of Scoring Staff

  • Level 1 (Scrutineer) Understanding and working with competition documentation, basic rules of scoring, scrutineering and support of level 2 or 3 certified scoring personnel.
  • Level 2 (Scorer) Understanding and working with event schedule program, perform manual and automated scoring, escalation management, validating and approving medal sheets and finalizing competition scores.
  • Level 3 (Scoring Administrator) Setting up event schedules, working with event directors and contest coordinators on planning and adjusting event schedules and scores during events when required, maintaining overall ranking and training of new scoring personnel.

Training will be performed during various international WorldCDF events.

Scrutineer Testing and Examination

  • Level 1 - Scrutineers should have reached the age of 23 to enter the program and must be able to speak and understand English.
  • Active dancers may not scrutineer during an event in which they are participating unless they are Star dancers or Pro-Am Instructors.
  • Scrutineers need to follow the Level 1 training course which will include a written and verbal exam, after which they need to scrutineer at a minimum of 3 international events under supervision of a Level 3 Scorer and a Contest coordinator.


Scoring Testing and Examination

  • Level 2 - Scorers should have reached the age of 23 to enter the program and must be able to speak and understand English.
  • They must have successfully and flawlessly accomplished Level 1 training.
  • Active dancers may not score during an event in which they are participating unless they are Star dancers or Pro-Am Instructors.
  • They will be tested by both written and verbal exam on the WorldCDF Scoring rules. During one international event the trainee must support during scoring, at least manually score 10 divisions flawless across all dance types, at least automated score 10 divisions flawless across all dance types and have these reviewed and agreed upon by the trainer (Level 3 Scorer). If not approved completely by the trainer, this session needs to be repeated successfully before continuing to the final phase. During a second international event the trainee must fully operate the scoring and produce all competition documentation, while being reviewed by the trainer. If not approved completely by the trainer, this session needs to be repeated successfully before being granted level 2 certification.

Experience and Retention of Certification

To ensure the WorldCDF Scrutineer and Scoring staff remains completely up-to-date with scoring rules and systems and does not loose experience, the following retention criteria have been set-up:

  • To retain Level 1 certification, it requires at least once a year active participation in the scoring of an international WorldCDF championship.
  • To retain Level 2 certification, it requires at least twice a year lead-scoring of an international WorldCDF championship.

Once certification is not retained for two years or more, the full training and examination needs to be performed again. At all times scrutineering and scoring staff are required to be an active & paying member of the WorldCDF organization.



All names of participants in the training program and certified scoring personnel will be published on the WorldCDF website including their training and/or certification level. In this manner, all WorldCDF members will be able to validate and recognize the scoring personnel. Per event it is registered which scoring personnel was active at the event and by the end of each year retention of certification will be reviewed. In case of gross negligence, wilful misconduct or proven inabilities, the WorldCDF Management Team has the right to recall any certification with immediate effect.


See OVERVIEW of active Scoring Staff




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