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Judge Education


The goal of the new judges education board is to create not only certified, but qualified judges that feel comfortable with our Group & Rank judges system.

To help getting all the judges and new judges in training on one line and letting them feel comfortable with not only the theoretical bit, as well the practical bit. It is our goal to provide every year during competitions, judges training for levels 1a – 1b and 2a – 2b.

Our AJC (Active Judges Classes) which will be given prior to the competition and will be an informative class about the best way to use our Group & Ranking system and to get all judges up to date every year.


As from 01-01-2011 we have the following different levels in our JEB (Judge Education Board) system.

WHO :  Judge in training, those who have reached the age of 21 years old and have filled in their application form (see below) are accepted to join our program.
WHAT TO DO: They are expected to follow three (3) times 1a & 1b classes, as well they must do five (5) times apprentice judging (low level) full sessions at five (5) different International WCDF Events. When they reach the age of 23 and an unspoken behaviour, they are qualified to pass their exam in 1a & 1b.

WHO: Judges that passed the 1a & 1b exam.
WHAT TO DO:  They have to follow two (2) times 2a & 2b classes, as well they must do three (3) times apprentice judging (low & high level) sessions at three (3) different International WCDF Events.  They are then qualified to pass their exam in 2a & 2b.

WHO:  Any judge who already has the status of International Judge and all the judges who have passed their 2a & 2b exam.
WHAT TO DO:  The level 3 judges are expected to follow as many AJC classes as possible, with a minimum of 2 AJC classes a year to keep themselves sharp and updated.  The Worldcdf will show on the website how many AJC classes each judge has attended.  So the Event directors and dancers always know which judge is heavily involved in our organization and is updated.  After following at least eight (8) AJC classes, they are qualified to do their last exam, the 3E exam (3 Elite)


Restriction in all levels:

No active dancer will be authorized to judge unless they have reached the Star divisions or is dancing as a Pro in the Pro-Am divisions.



  • See OVERVIEW of active WorldCDF Judges.
  • If you would like to enter the Judge Education Program, please complete the Judge Training Application Form.
  • AJC Classes and Judge Seminars will be held at international events during the year.




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