Tuesday 19 Mar 2019

Dear dancers,

The results for the 2017 Korea Star Line Dance Championships are now online.

Please visit the Results & Ranking page of the WorldCDF website for more information.


Dear dancers,

Results for the French Open 2017 are now available on the Worldcdf website.



Results for the Swedish Open 2017 are now online.


We are pleased to announce that the Worlds XII website and Online Registration is now open.


You can find all information about the venue, hotel prices and the online registration link.
We hope to see you all in Veldhoven in January for another great World Championships.

Hotel bookings will soon be available.

Dear Dancers,
We are always happy to receive feedback from our dancers on any rules book clarification.  We  would however like to remind you that if you wish to receive a response from the rules board, this can only be done when you contact the rules board direct on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will not give opinions on social media as this would be an individuals opinion and not an official response from the rules board.
The website and Facebook announcements were made to remind our members of our current rules and to clarify the style of boots we have always worn. This was not a change nor an amendment to our boot rule, therefore we feel there is no need to get into a debate on what is or is not allowed. 
Making the announcement now was designed to save any other dancer buying these boots which would cost them a serious penalty, affection the outcome of their competition result.  
We appreciate that some people may have trouble wearing western boots, but we have always considered individual requests to obtain an 'exception' with regards to the wearing of boots. This you can request by emailing the rules board and attaching a medical support letter to prove your case. 
The wearing of non standard boots has never been allowed in our organisation, so this rule is not new. The rule will be enforced at all events.
The WorldCDF organisation has never sponsored any business of any description, and never promoted any company over another.
We hope this explains clearer the announcement and reminds you to always contact the rules board direct with all of your questions and feedback. 
With best regards,
The WorldCDF Rules Board

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