Thursday 19 Sep 2019

Rules Book 2018

Dear dancers,

The Worldcdf Rules Board would like to take this opportunity to present you the 2018 Rules Book.

We want to thank everyone who contacted the WorldCDF with all of their suggestions, tips and ideas to help make the WorldCDF Rules more accessible to everybody!

The rules board did everything possible to clarify the rules and where possible we have tried to explain the intention behind the rule.

If on reading any rule you find that you are unsure or just want a clarification of your interpretation, please do not hesitate to contact the rules board at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a complete explanation.

Again, to all of our WCDF members, please send the rules board all of your suggestions, tips and ideas for any future rule changes. The rules board is always open to suggestions and we appreciate any and all feedback that we might receive.

Barry Arbeider
Head of WorldCDF Rules Board
On behalf of
The WorldCDF Rules Board

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