Thursday 19 Sep 2019


Pro-Am & Pro-Pro Showcase

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Dance Motion Title Choreographer/Artist Start Date End Date
A Tripple Two The Story (Edit) LeAnn Rimes 14-02-2019 10-02-2021
B Polka Go Time (Edit) Greg Bates 16-05-2019 12-05-2021
C Nightclub Footprints in the Sand (Edit) Leona Lewis 14-08-2019 11-08-2021
D Cha cha Besame Andres Ballinas 15-11-2017 12-11-2019
E Waltz Fascination Nat King Cole 15-02-2018 11-02-2020
F Two Step Texas Tattoo Gibson Miller band 17-05-2018 12-05-2020
G East Coast Swing A Little Less Lonely Jace Everett 15-08-2018 12-08-2020
H West Coast Swing Attention Pentatonix 14-11-2018 10-11-2020
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