Friday 24 May 2019


Line Showcase

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Dance Motion Title Choreographer/Artist Start Date End Date
A Lilt I Love This Life LoCash Cowboys 15-02-2018 12-02-2020
B Smooth Out of my Head Charli XCX 14-06-2018 16-06-2020
C Rise & Fall Letting You Go Sara Evans 11-10-2018 13-10-2020
D Cuban Kiss Art of Noise (ft. Tom Jones) 06-02-2019 03-02-2021
E Funky Money Maker Throttle 14-06-2017 12-06-2019
E Funky Lie To Me (Edit) Mikolas Josef 13-06-2019 10-06-2021
F Novelty Swing With Me Jessica Simpson 17-10-2017 16-10-2019
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