Thursday 14 Nov 2019


Line Classic Newcomer

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Dance Motion Title Choreographer/Artist Start Date End Date
A Lilt Lost In The Shuffle Ronnie Grabs 30-01-2019 28-01-2020
A Lilt Good Hearted Woman Alessandra Tisi 08-01-2020 05-01-2021
B Smooth Jealous Too Baiba Apena 13-03-2019 10-03-2020
C Rise & Fall Run For Roses Josefin Blomkvist 01-05-2019 05-05-2020
D Cuban Margit Cha Javier Rodriguez Gallego 05-06-2019 02-06-2020
E Funky Funk It Out Niels Poulsen 17-07-2019 14-07-2020
F Novelty Dance with Me Tonight Angelique Kemerlings 04-09-2019 01-09-2020
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