Tuesday 21 Jan 2020


Line Megastar, Rising star, Jewel & Regal

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Dance Motion Title Choreographer/Artist Start Date End Date
Classic A WCS Let The Rhythm Just Miquel Menenddez 08-01-2020 05-01-2021
Classic B - Rock With You Roy Hadisubroto & Fiona Murray 05-06-2019 02-06-2020
Classic B - A Star Is Born Melissa Geveling 03-06-2020 01-06-2021
Showcase C Waltz Lost in the Darkness Jekyll&Hyde Cast 06-02-2019 05-02-2020
Showcase C Night Club Never Enough (Edit) Kelly Clarkson 06-02-2020 08-02-2021
Showcase D Cha Cha I Got This (Edit) George Canyon 12-06-2019 11-06-2020
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