Sunday 24 Jan 2021

Social Dance Teacher

The WorldCDF Education Program includes a comprehensive syllabus to educate instructors, coaches and dancers in all aspects of country dance to a standard recognized throughout the dance world.

Covering all  aspects of dance such as foot work, character, timing etc. the Education Program is a perfect tool to improve your knowledge of country dance.

The WorldCDF has a number of recognized teachers and coaches with the aim to improve your understanding of country dance and who are offering seminars, workshops, and private tuition at most International Competition events as mentioned in the calendar. In future there will also be opportunities to attend training sessions at many local clubs.

This is the perfect  system to guide you improving your dancing skills, becoming a qualified  teacher/coach and ultimately could present you with the opportunity of becoming  an International Approved Judge within the WorldCDF.


The WorldCDF Social Education Program is a program meant for instructors, trainers and coaches that work with Social dancers. Everyone working in this field can join this program. It’s open for all  instructors, trainers and coaches of social dancers who want to develop their knowledge and teaching skills … and also those who want to become one. We hope that those pioneers will spread and develop the social education in their countries and around the world.

The program runs under supervision of the Head of the WorldCDF Social Education Board (SEB), Petra Van de Velde.

We work with two levels in our program:

· LEVEL 1 : WorldCDF social instructor  NATIONAL (SIN): A social qualified teacher, who has the knowledge of country dance/music, teacher skills and is working in local clubs.

· LEVEL 2 : WorldCDF social instructor  INTERNATIONAL (SII): A social qualified teacher, who has the knowledge of country dance/music, teacher skills and is able to organize a program for national social instructors (SIN) in different countries.


"A great teacher is ... a teacher who wants to share his knowledge, who  can organize, encourage, observe, reflect and inspire!" Petra Van de  Velde.

See overview of active WorldCDF Social Instructors


Please contact the Social Education Board for more details : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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