Saturday 19 Sep 2020

Covid Info

Dear dancers,

Firstly, we hope that everybody is safe and still in good health.

At the beginning of March, we all heard about the Covid-19 coronavirus spreading throughout the world.
What was then dismissed as a "flu" took only a few weeks to turn into a very serious matter, resulting in the cancellation of a few WorldCDF events. After all of this, it still did not get through to some people and governments had to introduce even stricter rules. Many countries had to go into “lock down”, flying was forbidden, and dance schools were closed.

This resulted in several other of our dance competitions also being cancelled.

How long this will last … no-one knows, but as soon as we are given the go-ahead to restart events, we will send you the good news.

Already we have received a lot of questions, so we have created the following ‘Question and Answer’ list to give you the most important information.

If you have any further questions, please send them via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Questions & Answers


                Do dancers with a MUST need to graduate now?          

If your graduation status is a MUST, you need to move to the higher division when events restart this season or in 2021 (if no events take place this season).
Even without a MUST or an OPTION, all dancers in Newcomer & Novice can self-graduate at any time to the next skill division ... up to and including the Intermediate division.


               I became Star last year in 2019 but due to the pandemic, I cannot dance and confirm my status in 2020. What will happen with my status?          

If no events can take place in 2020 due to the pandemic, you will have until the same event in 2021 to confirm your status.
For example: If you became a star in Italy 2019 and no events take place this year, you will have until Italy 2021 to confirm your status at latest. Of course, you can confirm at any event before this.


              If Worlds XV is held this year, will I be able to graduate if I win?          

If Worlds XV take place this year, the winners will be able to graduate to a higher division.


              What will happen with my Graduation points?         

After much consideration, and with consultation with the Event directors and Founding members, it has been decided to reinstate all graduation points earned during 2020.


               What will happen with my Overall Ranking?

The Overall Ranking list is intended to compare you (solo / couple / team) with the rest of the World, regardless of where you live. Due to many competitions being cancelled, the Overall Ranking list will be cancelled for 2020


 new    Which competitions have been officially canceled?

Due to all measures regarding the Coronavirus having been taken, the following competitions are officially cancelled:

SWISS OPEN Refund policy*
UK OPEN DANCE Refund policy*
LITHUANIAN OPEN Refund policy*
KOREA STAR CHAMPIONSHIPS        Refund policy*
Sa Roqueta Line Dance Please contact the Event Directors
FRENCH OPEN Refund policy*
SWEDISH OPEN Refund policy*
SPANISH OPEN Please contact the Event Directors
NordCup (NCWDC) Please contact the Event Directors
BENELUX OPEN Refund policy*
BERLIN OPEN Refund policy*

 * Depending on the laws within each country, every event may have different methods for dealing with reimbursement. This may be done by paying back the fee or giving a voucher for next year. Please contact each event for more information.


             Are any competitions changing to a date later in the year?

No. Due to the very busy calendar, this is not possible.


             Will any other International events be cancelled?

This will depend if the government of each country extends their restrictions. Our events are international and we rely on flights to allow staff and competitors to attend. We do not recommend you paying any registration fee, hotel reservations or booking flights until this situation returns to normal.


             Will National events take place?

Please contact the National event director for their updates.


            We have already booked our hotel for a cancelled event, what should we do?

If you have booked a hotel independently from the registration fee, we would recommend you cancel the hotel booking as soon as possible, especially if you have cancellation insurance or if you can still cancel it free of charge. You will need to contact the hotel directly.

 If you have booked a package (registration + hotel), we recommend you contact the Event director for their refund policy.


             Why are more events not cancelled?

Event directors need to wait on information from their government before making a final decision. We will inform you when new information becomes available.


            Are the World Championships taking place?

At this moment, we cannot answer this question. We intend to host Worlds XV if the situation is under control. We will keep you informed by mid-September.

In the meantime, we recommend that you:

  • Do not book your flight
  • If you book your flight, be sure you have very good cancellation insurance.


          Do I need to qualify for Worlds XV?

We have decided that there will be no qualification required to compete at this year’s Worlds. However, you still need to be a paying member for 2020 (except for Social division). This will only apply for 2020.


We hope that we have informed you sufficiently with this letter.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Stay healthy!