Saturday 31 Oct 2020


Dear dancers, 2020 has been a difficult year for everyone around the world and many sportive events have been cancelled…

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the World Country Dance Federation

The World Country Dance Federation (WorldCDF) was formed in Europe, with the mission to “further the art form and sport of country dance at all levels (social, competitive and professional), through a variety of styles and music".

The WorldCDF is the largest country dance organization in the World, not only serving the largest contingency of line dance competitors, but certainly also the social dancers in many countries. Our community brings many years of relevant dance experience, including dance instructors, dance studio owners, conducting dance events, judging dance events, competing at dance events, and simply enjoying the fun of social dancing.

As you can see in our Calendar, the WorldCDF organizes competitions in many countries around the world. The WorldCDF has dancer friendly rules that are kept simple, yet informative. Every year World Championships are hosted by the WorldCDF, including the largest and most prestigious Country Dance World Championship titles.


(New Info Available 29/09/2020)


Dear dancers,

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone around the world and many sportive events have been cancelled or postponed.

The WorldCDF Management Team has been closely monitoring the situation in each region and has been waiting until the latest possible moment to determine if Worlds XV could be held in a safe environment.

In the light of the current situation with a second wave of the pandemic at our doors, we believe that we cannot hold Worlds in safe conditions for our dancers, staff and friends. We have no other choice than to cancel Worlds XV that was to be held in December in Kalkar, Germany.

The decision was not easy to take but we hope that you understand that your safety is very important for us.

We hope that 2021 will once again allow us to start dancing all together on the dance floors around the World and meet in safe conditions. For now we are planning and anticipating to hold our Worlds XV from 26 – 31 December 2021 in Kalkar, Germany.

Herman Falkenberg,
President Worldcdf



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Dear Competitors and Members,


Currently, the outbreak of the Covid-19 is hitting people everywhere very hardly and it’s starting to expand its effects into many countries around the world. 

In light of this worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, it does also affect the Worldcdf which consequently has already resulted in cancelling several events. 

At this moment we cannot foresee how this situation will continue and develop.


Unfortunately, it is expected that this new Coronavirus will remain among the world population for a longer period of time and might result in the cancellation of several other events. If this will be the case, the Management Team will closely coordinate these actions with the Event Directors who will have to adhere to their National Governments.

We have decided together with the Dance and the Rules Committees that the 2020 dances will also apply to 2021. That does justice to those who have already spent time and money on the dances. The new data will be adjusted on the relevant web pages.


The Management Team will provide appropriate solutions and answers to questions regarding Worlds qualification and Graduation points after the Coronavirus is globally controlled.

Please be safe, be responsible and look after your friends, family and neighbors in these difficult times. Furthermore, we express our deepest sympathy and support to everyone affected by this virus.

Herman Falkenberg

President, Worldcdf


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